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About the company

Quality above all ...

 This is the motto that has inspired us for over 20 years. We prove it daily to many companies and individuals. The professionalism, years of experience and unlimited guarantee of our service make us a leading and preferred company in this industry.


Over 15,000 regular customers.
Over 300,000 toner cartridges recharged.


Mr. Toner is a leading company for refilling / refilling toner cartridges in Sofia. Our 15-person team takes care of our customers every day to reach the highest quality services. The company has a modern and cozy office part for customer service, a packing and testing area, a large service base equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for refilling toner cartridges and repairing printers and its own courier delivery network.
 We provide top-notch services with excellent results and refill your toner cartridges with professional toner only. All this is guaranteed and certified according to ISO 9001: 2008

From individuals to corporate clients
Individual approach to each client.


 We know that the best advertising goes word of mouth. We also know that big companies are behind people. That's why we work with people. Whether it is Mr. Ivanov's home printer or Mr. Petrov's 20 printers located in his 3 offices and 10 stores. Our ultimate goal is one - always a great result. Because charging does not make sense if it is not done qualitatively.
 You always try to do the right thing. If we can't give you a discount on a toner cartridge, we will give you a gift as a compliment. For companies with multiple printers located in different offices and stores, we offer many service options - from full control and toner refills on site to various options for individual offers and postpay.


It all started in 1996. . The first office was located on Danube Street, with three employees. At that time, with the start of private business in Bulgaria, the first toner cartridges were loaded as a service provided by a private company. All in all 4 private companies operate, one of which is Mr. Toner. The business of refilling toner cartridges is starting at a slow pace for two main reasons, namely people's distrust of this kind of service and its low popularity in Bulgaria. This directs the company in two main directions: the promotion of the service and its quality performance, ie. winning customer trust. Quality enhancement works at a very fast pace. From the very beginning, a large-scale study of the world market has been made. The goal is clear - finding the best toner at affordable prices.



As orders for toner cartridge refills increase, the company grows. The office of the company was moved to 70 Evlogi Georgiev Blvd. Toner begins to send representatives to the annual Remax exhibitions to which leading companies in the production of toners, OPC drums, inks, etc. present their products. As a result of the contacts created, the import for own needs of everything necessary for refilling the toner cartridges begins. AQC Group, a manufacturer of high quality toner, has been selected as the main supplier. With the increase in orders for bottled toners and all kinds of toner cartridge spare parts, delivery prices have fallen to such an extent that Mr. Toner decides to begin offering bottled toners and parts to other companies in the industry.


In 1999, Mr. Toner is launching many new services - refilling inkjet printheads, replacing inkjet ribbons, opening doors and service facilities for copiers, laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers and fax machines with option for repair and in clients' offices or homes. The first "we pick up, refill and return" service in Bulgaria comes into force as well. taking the cartridge from the customer's home or office, filling it in the service base and returning it within 24 hours. With the addition of these services, Mr. Toner closes a complete cycle of professional office equipment maintenance.


In the early years of the new century, orders grew to volumes requiring a complete restructuring of the company. In 2004. opens a new office with a modern and cozy office part for customer service, a packing and testing area and a large service base equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for refilling toner cartridges and repairing printers.


In 2008, when visiting Sofia, AQC Group offered the company to become an exclusive distributor of their production in Bulgaria. During the same year, the working and storage areas were expanded to a triple size, with the total living space reaching 500 square meters.


And in 2019 we continue to develop step by step thanks to you!


Mr. Toner is the business name of Polimax 55 Ltd.

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