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Quality policy



The quality policy of the senior management of Polimax 55 Ltd. is aimed at satisfying the needs of the customers by providing quality products and services created with the assistance of proven suppliers and partners. Top management is committed to continuously improving and improving the efficiency of the processes and quality management system. To increase the confidence of the stakeholders, the senior management of Polimax 55 Ltd.:


 Adopts the principles and model of quality management set out in EN ISO 9001: 2015.


 Accepts the implementation and maintenance of a quality management system in the company as a continuous process of improving and improving the efficiency of the service, commercial and transport activities and the system as a whole.  Plans and invests in the development of new technologies


 Builds long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers and external suppliers of products and services, as a determining factor for shaping the marketing strategy and policy of the market.


 Continuously strives for a better understanding of the needs and requirements of customers, stakeholders and the search for opportunities to meet them, through risk-based thinking.


 Maintains motivation in the company employees as a guarantee for retaining the achieved positions in the branch.


 Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and compliance obligations that the company has agreed to.


 Pay particular attention to the information collected for periodic risk assessment, for the processes to be carried out and for compliance with customer requirements and for products and services.


 Plans and strives for full resource provision and implementation of continuous improvement of the quality management system. Quality policy is widespread among employees and they strive to work actively to implement it in their day-to-day operations. It has been properly communicated to stakeholders. As Manager of Polimax 55 Ltd., I declare my personal involvement and responsibility for the implementation of the announced quality policy. 04.11.2019


Manager: (V. Ivanov)