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Is it possible for someone to steal my personal information while registering on the site or when paying by card?
•Absolutely not. The connection between your computer and our site is encrypted and secured with a trusted SSL certificate.

How do you ensure that the products in this online shop are genuine?
• We only work with the official representatives of the trademarks sold to us. This way, fake products cannot be included in our catalog.
What guarantee do you give for your products?
• A detailed description of each product is also mentioned in the relevant warranty period.

What payment methods do you accept?
• You can pay for the products you ordered in the following ways:
1. By cash on delivery
2. By bank transfer

Do you issue invoices and what?
• Yes, we are a legal entity that is registered under VAT law and issues tax invoices

How do you deliver the products:
• We rely entirely on our own courier network, but in some cases we also use courier companies. This naturally does not affect the delivery time.
How long do you deliver the products from the online store:
• For products in stock, delivery to Sofia will be on the next business day. For all other settlements in Bulgaria a delay of up to two working days is possible.

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