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The toner recharging process


Here we would like to briefly introduce you to the process of recharging your toner cartridge. Take a look at how we do things and what exactly is our service all about.


mr. toner free delivery of toner


Regardless of whether you are going to take advantage of our free collection, recharge and delivery to your office or you will visit us at our offices. It’s good to know what exactly is going to happen to your toner cartridge. From the moment you give it for a recharge until its return to you and most importantly – the end result – quality, quality and again quality without compromise. The whole process of rechargeing that you don’t actually see has been developed by us on the basis of our experience, gathered during the last 20 years of our practice. This process has been approved and certified by the ISO:9001 quality standard by one of the leading certifying organizations - "BUREAU VЕRITAS".


mr. toner quality toner recharging


First of all, to make sure we can offer you a quality service, your toner cartridge goes through preliminary test. The test includes density test and a test to determine whether there are dots and lines on the copy that won`t disappear after the recharge. In such cases the client is contacted by us, or if you are already at our office, the copy is being discussed with you. If everything is alright, the toner cartridge heads towards the place it’s going to get recharged. For each cartridge model we have a specialized toner, set with the necessary amount of toner according to the capacity of the cartridge, held in a hermetically sealed container to preserve the quality of the toner. Your cartridge will be recharged with high quality professional toner made by one of the world`s largest manufacturers – AQC Group UK whom we represent exclusively for Bulgaria.


mr. toner - express toner recharging


Now the real work on your cartridge begins – the actual recharge with toner isn’t just the pouring the toner into the cartridge, but a complete process consisting of several actions. We have professional equipment that includes all kinds of machines necessary for the recharge. Your toner cartridge is already recharged and is waiting to be tested and packaged.


mr. toner - your toner partner


Final quality tests of the already filled up cartridge, test page quality approval, inputting the warranty number into the system and putting the cartridge into a special package you can store it in for a long time. We are ready. You can now take your recharged toner cartridge or we will deliver it for you.




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