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Why printer from us?

A company to rely on.


We are one of the largest office equipment and supplies companies in Sofia. We are more specialized in manufacturing and refilling toner cartridges and selling and servicing all types of printers. We have 20 years of experience and have the trust of thousands of regular customers - large, medium and small businesses and individuals.



A variety of printers - a difficult choice.


Resolution, Memory, Network, ADF, Input Tray, Monthly Load, Print Speed. In fact, what are these parameters and extras? I just want the printer to do the job! Sometimes people don't make the right choice. Either they buy something cheap that doesn't have the extras they need, or they buy something expensive, but even half the extras are never used. The printer is not a fashion accessory, so it is important to choose the right one for the user's needs. We will always advise and assist you in choosing the right printer for you. By phone, e-mail, skype, facebook, built-in chat on the site ... Tell us what you will use it for and what extras you need - our professional team is there for you.


Specialized company - Problem-free operation.


Buying a printer is not like buying a TV. You turn on and watch. Every printer is directly connected to solving everyday small questions about its behavior (lights on, displays a message and doesn't print, the computer doesn't find it today, etc.) Small problems, but as long as you know in any situation how to react. In these situations it is good to have who you call, in most cases the solution to the problem comes down to the push of a button and everything goes. If you have purchased the machine from a universal online store, you will hardly get a call from the dealer on how to proceed. It will send you to the manufacturer's service department (for something so small!) Therefore, especially for printers, it is good for them to be purchased by specialist companies where you receive adequate telephone assistance with every call. We solve such small problems on a daily basis for our customers, thus saving them valuable time in touring repair shops. You want toner - You get toner. The printers are also directly related to their supplies. They always end when we need them most (our stats). It is a good idea in this situation to have someone to bring toner to the printer quickly. We do this all day long. We have our own network of company cars for fast delivery.


Warranty - Refilling - No problem.


All new printers should only work with expensive original supplies until warranty expires. Otherwise she falls away. In many cases, the new original consumable is more expensive than the machine itself. Yes. Buying a new printer from us, you will not encounter this problem. With us, the printer's warranty does not expire if it works with loaded or compatible toner cartridges. The only condition is that they are loaded or purchased by us. We offer refill and compatible toner cartridges for almost all models on the market.